First Impression About GSOC 2015

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”

When I was in first year(2015) I had heard about that word “GSOC” from my colleagues and just tried to find more details. There was a “GSOC awareness session” organized by past Gsocers in my university and had a chance to get some idea.  I just thought its only for the elite programmers but finally I thought “nope , I should try at least”. So I started to finding organization for GSOC 2015. But I felt like too late to start because most people ask questions about their projects and I was finding a organization. Finally I could find an organization just before the proposal deadline and submitted. Actually I can’t remember which organization I was applied in 2015 😉. So the result was out and I knew the answer is “you have not been selected” 😁.

But I’m happy about my self because I could hear about “GSOC” and had a chance to get that failing impression.  I understood lot more things, we have to do good communication with our organization before we select our project using mailing list, IRC channel, Telegram or any other public forum. Don’t using person chat with mentors and ask question personally. That’s a really unwanted thing and it’s also not good for us as well. The most important thing I learn is,

The early bird gets the worm

So I started everything very early this time, subscribed the mailing list try to find what kind of project I can do and what type of organization I need. Then finally could be able to Starting My GSOC Journey 2016.

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