[MIDTERM] Protractor Test Implementation to the Moodle Mobile App

The implementation we have to make separate tests files for each tests scenarios. All the test files should be located under e2e folder in right component. And also tests files end with .spec.js

Github profile: Supun94

Github branch: gsoc-e2e

Ex: If you want to make tests for course search, need to implement tests under course file (www/core/components/course/e2e/course.spec.js)

Here is some brief description about what I have covered in these implemented tests.

Course Searching Test(www/core/components/course/e2e/course.spec.js)

  • User can search courses with valid word count
  • User can not search courses without valid word count

Quiz Test(www/core/components/question/e2e/quiz.spec.js)

  • View question window is available in right location
  • Check whether uder can Attept Questions
  • Continue the last attempt test
  • Check whether what happen when user try questions without submitting answer
  • User can have multiple selection to find out one correct answer
  • User can open test in browser and open new tab and relocated to the Moodle web site

App settings Test(www/core/components/settings/e2e/settings.spec.js)

  • User can click settings page tabs
  • Change general settings in Moodle mobile app
  • Change Space usage settings
  • Change Synchronization settings
  • Change About settings

Course Assign Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_assign.spec.js)

  • View course assign windows is available in right location
  • Click description tab and check whether it’s working or not
  • Click PDF file tabĀ and chek whther new PDF file open from other tab
  • When user Click Add submission button and check whter submission action is working or not
  • Click secondary button

Course Book Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_book.spec.js)

  • Click All sections course book tabs
  • Click Background information course book tabs
  • Can go all the useful links press next and previous icon
  • Click secondary button in useful links
  • Click secondary menu button in useful links
  • Can go all the Video resources press next and previous icon
  • Click secondary button in Video resources
  • Click secondary menu button in Video resources

Course Chat Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_chat.spec.js)

  • Click All sections course chat tabs
  • View course chat windows
  • Click description tab
  • Adding new chat message
  • View chat users
  • Click secondary button

Course Choice Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_choice.spec.js)

  • Click All sections course choice tabs
  • Click Course welcome course choice tabs
  • Click Group Projects and Individual tasks course choice tabs
  • User can manage Prior Knowledge assessment choices
  • User can manage Let’s make a date! assessment choices
  • User can manage Group Projects and Individual tasks assessment choices
  • Click secondary button

Course Folder Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_folder.spec.js)

  • Click All sections course folder tabs
  • View course folder windows
  • Click folder tabs
  • Click secondary button

Course Forum Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_forum.spec.js)

  • Click All sections course forum tabs
  • View course forum windows
  • View course Forum grade test windows
  • Add a new discussion topic
  • Add a new Course discussion
  • Discussions about your group projects
  • Click secondary button

Course Glossary Test(www/addons/mod/assign/e2e/mod_glossary.spec.js)

  • Click All sections course glossary tabs
  • View course glossary windows
  • Click course glossary tabs
  • Search course glossary
  • Click secondary button

Other tests are in progress and update counterpart soon.

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