MQTT Management Dashboard for WSO2 IoT Server

IoT platform is the primary client of MB’s MQTT support. We need a solution for manage MQTT messaging and need a way to display MQTT related details from UI. The purpose is to view the MQTT topics and subscription meta-data like pending message count etc.

From IoTs perspective we need to view above information per device level. Since it also a needful for MB as per [1] and [2]. We decided to implement MQTT dashboard in the IoT server as a different web app.

As a solution for doing this problem:

  • Need to create different andes admin services for MQTT
  • MQTT dashboard for IoT devices

As of now, we are planning to display the list of subscriptions with the following details.

  • Subscribed node
  • Pending message count and display pending messages
  • Failed message count
  • View running messages
  • QoS level
  • Retained or not
  • Active or not (when subscribers have clean session mode=true, they can be inactive or active.)
  • Clean session
  • Filtering and search capabilities

I have attached mockups [A],[B],[C] of the dashboard.

[A] MQTT Dashboard


[B] On Pending messages view


[C] On Search subscription view

Serach messages



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